Human resources



The human potential of the children’s camp “Κ.Π. New Chrysi Ammos “consists of people with a high sense of responsibility and morality, complete training and specialization. Mostly, however, they are people who love children and offer to themselves.

The Chief of the camp is a physical education professor with years of experience in the camp, excellent administrative and pedagogical training, and the Chiefs of Staff are experienced executives in the field.

Our teammates are mainly students of the respective schools. Every activity (swimming pool, football, basketball, ping-pong, etc.) is supervised by specialized executives and in addition, our camp has both swimming pool and offshore lifeguards. Permanent physician and experienced 24-hour nursing staff. As well as the staff of the Secretariat, who is willing to have all the good mood,
to assist you with the procedure for your child’s stay in the camp and to solve any questions or concerns you may have.